Digital economy

Add your Vexa in staking and get daily interest for your participation in our economy. You generate new Vexa by your staking. Generate a return of 10.95% per year

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What do we offer

Experience ease through innovative, simple, seamless payments into our digital economy.

Send/Request Vexa

Easy, safe and fast Vexa transfers to worldwide, using your smartphone or PC. Its allow you to send Vexa to anyone in no time at all. Trusted and secure choice.

Vexa mining

Put your Vexa in staking into our mining system and receive rewards everyday. Participate into the expension of our currency and receive daily interest. Funds are available anytime.

Transactions burn Vexa

Vexa use his own digital currency into a new digital economy. For the stability of the Vexa economy all fees collected by Vexa (except referral commissions) are destroyed! interest rate or fees can be up or down for keep the Vexa economy very stable.


Vexa currency is added on always more payments processor for allow your users/clients to paid and be paid in Vexa in your websites.

Any payment you want to make, few seconds is all it takes Experience wide range of payment features, experience on easy life

(We don't accept US residents on Vexa for the moment)

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